Kharisma Jaya Gemilang




SVLK ( Timber Legality Verification System )


In response to the demand of timber legality guarantee from Uni Europa, United States, Japan and Australia, Indonesian government is committed to exterminate any illegal logging and illegal timber trading by applying SVLK.

SVLK is an instrument from Indonesian government to respond to the market demand, especially for export market that have product from forest industry, to utilize raw material from legal sources.








FSC® ( Forest Stewardship Council® )


In response to the growing awareness of illegal logging and to meet EU customer requirements, we have initiated to get this authorized certification.

Chain of Custody (CoC) is an information trail system that could be used to trace back the source of place where the round log grows.

This done by making a note on every process that the company did. This includes each stage of processing such as transformation, manufacturing and distribution.