Kharisma Jaya Gemilang



President Director

Looking years ahead from now, PT. Kharisma Jaya Gemilang is very optimistic with the excellent prospect in wood working industry. Our mission is to maintain the best quality products and the best sales service will always remain in the heart of this company.

Our Fundamental mission is to develop a fair marketplace where consumers can be assured of a good quality service from reputable business. In that effort, we always try our best to help consumers when they have any question or concern. We can assist by providing "selling Assurance delivery".

Finally, we pursue our goal to succeeded through outreach program with local area suppliers as well as through global collaboration; and "good selling Assurance delivery" and "good services" with our local customers. We are Committed to serve our clients better and are constantly in search of new ways of working to improve our business for the benefits of our clients.

PT. Kharisma Jaya Gemilang FOCUS ON QUALITY.


President Director of PT. Kharisma Jaya Gemilang,
Kwek Soegiarto Krisnadi