Kharisma Jaya Gemilang



Expansion History

Our company vision is to maintain the best quality production in which we attempt to expand or improve our company as much as can we to get better quality from time to time. These are some of the expansions/improvements that our company has done so far :

Building process of Kiln Dry
Going along with the value of keeping sustainable development, PT. KHARISMA JAYA GEMILANG realized the importance of Kiln Dry. Therefore, the next stage is fulfilling this need by building two chambers of Kiln Dry. The building process was started on 14th September 2005 and will finish in two months time (approximately December 2005).

New Factory for Assembling Products
Since the sourcing material for PT. KHARISMA JAYA GEMILANG is 50% from logs, therefore we find the significance of handling the recovery and the constructing into assembling products such as fencing, garden tiles, garden flower pots and other garden items.

Started October 2005 PT. KHARISMA JAYA GEMILANG will run a new division specialized for assembling products. This division will be activated in a new factory for better quality control. The location is few blocks away from the main factory within the same industrial vicinity with dimension of 3800 square meters.

New Factory for Sourcing Raw Materials
The high demand of material supply urges us to build our own saw mill. PT. KHARISMA JAYA GEMILANG attempt to maximize the usage of the raw material by building a new factory for sourcing materials.

The location of this factory is in the next building of the main factory. The building process started on November 2006 and will finish in  four months ahead (approximately February 2007). However, the establishment of this factory is on 17 January 2007

Local Market Department
Since the sourcing material for PT. Kharisma Jaya Gemilang is 100% from round logs, therefore we find the importance of handling the lower quality for the local market. Started on August 2007, PT. Kharisma Jaya Gemilang opens new department called Local Market Department. This department is opened to improve the quality for our export market and to maintain our motto which is "We strive for the best Quality".

New Line of Saw Mill
Due to lack of capacity in our saw mill and from the efficiency point of view, we decide to expand our saw mill capacity. We discouraged working overtime because by working in the evening, there would be enough sunshine, which would effect our randemen result of the cutting round log. The building of this new line started in June 2008 and it finished in October 2008. This new line has been fully operated since November 2008. Now the capacity of our sourcing raw material is about 190 cbm/day in which before was 130 cbm/day.